Transport Issue- Here Is Your Solution

MoveFreight is your solution! Reduce Costs Because of economies of scale, and our long-term relationships with carreirs, we are able to pass on big discounts to customers. We add value to your operations department because of our expertise in choosing carriers based on your specific needs. Increase Capability MoveFreight Transport can help your company grow by increasing your access to the right carriers for your loads and reducing the time you spend looking for carriers to ship your freight. Manage Timelines MoveFreight will help you choose the right carrier for your freight, we know the questions to ask the [...]

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Traditional Freight Brokers and Their Service

Why choose MoveFreight? Additional Capacity Freight brokers. Sometimes you have more freight than your original estimates indicated. You may need support in finding carriers and meeting timelines, especially during industry-specific busy seasons or the holiday season. MoveFreight can help with this! Quality Relationships All businesses are built on relationships. MoveFreight has many long-term, positive relationships with choice carriers, big and small. We also have built a loyal customer base that trusts us with their shipping needs because we treat our customers as family. Flexability MoveFreight can provide more flexibility than asset-based carriers. We have specific regional carriers, low-to-no touch [...]

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5 Reasons Why Shippers Use Freight Brokers

Why use a freight broker? A freight broker is a third party company that arranges for transportation services with a carrier but does not handle (touch) your freight. A freight broker has the advantage of knowledge and scale. For example, you may wish to consider shipping your freight over the road or via railroad, or you may have concerns about how often your freight is off-loaded and wish to use a carrier that has low to no-touch, or a carrier that specializes in a specific route which usually expedites the transportation time. Alternatively, you may wish to have your [...]

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LTL Shipments

What is LTL? LTL is short for less-than-truckload. It's one of the most efficient ways to ship your freight and it offers a great value. Typically, LTL shipments contain more than 1 pallet but less than a truckload. LTL shipments can be transported using major conglomerate carriers or smaller, regional carriers. When to use LTL? If you require freight services because your cargo exceeds parcel limits, or parcel prices are too high, LTL shipping is a great choice. You will need to have your cargo palletized and protected. In most cases, larger carriers handle your freight more often, between [...]

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Simplifying Freight Transportation

Shipping freight transportation can be one of the biggest burdens in running a company. At MoveFreight, we pride ourselves in making that job easy for you and providing the best value. We take customer service to the highest level possible. We use innovative software to provide instant quotes or we can provide more personalized quotes for specific shipments. You can find us tracking each shipment daily, often by phone, communicating with carriers directly to facilitate prioritizing your shipments. Whether you are a big company or small, we will show you the same service and respect. Modes of Transportation Air [...]

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit From LTL Shipping

The term “LTL” is shipping-world lingo for less-than-load shipping. It involves shipping products without needing a full truckload, as there are smaller parcels involved, which means your product is one of several separate shipments on a single truck. It allows LTL shipping carriers to ship more products for more clients in a manner that’s both efficient and cost-effective. In this blog post, we’ll examine why LTL shipping is an especially smart choice for small business owners. 1 - It’s a more secure shipping methods When you ship your products on a truck using less-than-load shipping, they’ll usually get loaded into [...]

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4 Tips for Proper Trade Show Shipping

2020 wasn’t a good year for...well, quite a few industries, among them the trade show circuit. What had been a $101 billion business in 2019 ground to a halt when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Some companies chose to do virtual trade shows, waiting for the day when business would get back to normal. And when that day comes, it will help to be prepared when it comes to freight transportation for trade shows. Here are a few tips for making sure your exhibits arrive safely. 1 - Early planning Get an early start on planning [...]

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What You Need to Know About Cold Weather Shipping

We face a lot of challenges when we try to travel during the winter. Road conditions, weather-related delays, the effect of snow and ice on our vehicles, these are all factors that can impact our journey. The same thing is true for transporting goods. Whether you’re using truckload or LTL shipping, there are certain issues you’ll need to contend with between November and April each year. It’s not just highways getting shut down and drivers becoming stranded at truck stops waiting for the weather to clear. Bad weather can cause businesses to close, further disrupting [...]

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What is LTL-Shipping?

In the shipping world, the abbreviation LTL stands for “less than load.” LTL shipping involves moving products without needing to have a full truckload, because there are smaller parcels involved, meaning there are multiple, separate shipments on a single truck. That means that LTL carriers can ship more goods for more clients in an efficient, cost-effective fashion. In this blog post, we’ll look at how less than load shipping works and how it can benefit you. LTL shipping can benefit you in the following ways. Savings The first big benefit of LTL shipping is savings. [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Air Freight Shipping?

Air Freight ShippingAt MoveFreight, we work with clients who want to ship by truck, train, sea and air. And while we’ll eventually devote blog space to all of these shipping methods, we want to focus today on air freight, and why it often pays to send your goods by plane. Read on to learn a few of the benefits of air freight shipping. 1 - It is the Quickest Option for Long Distance Compared to traveling by road, sea or rail, air transportation is the fastest solution. When you need something to get to its destination as quickly as [...]

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