The term “LTL” is shipping-world lingo for less-than-load shipping. It involves shipping products without needing a full truckload, as there are smaller parcels involved, which means your product is one of several separate shipments on a single truck.

It allows LTL shipping carriers to ship more products for more clients in a manner that’s both efficient and cost-effective. In this blog post, we’ll examine why LTL shipping is an especially smart choice for small business owners.

1 – It’s a more secure shipping methods

When you ship your products on a truck using less-than-load shipping, they’ll usually get loaded into crates or atop pallets, meaning they’re guarded against damage from your freight bumping against other cargo, or the normal wear and tear that you’d see from handling. There’s also less likelihood of your goods getting lost.

2 – You’ll get more storage room

If you’re sending goods using full truckload shipping, you’ll typically need to wait until there is enough cargo to fill a truck before your shipment is picked up. But with LTL shipping, you can send out a shipment as soon as you’re ready to send, leaving you with extra space in your warehouse rather than having goods just waiting to be picked up.

3 – More special services

With LTL shipping, you’ll gain access to specialized shipping services such as delivery notifications, inside delivery, and other protections, things that might not be available with other shipping methods.

4 – It’s a greener option

LTL shipping means there are fewer trucks in the road that aren’t at full capacity. And this reduces the number of trips taken by shipping freights, lowering the number of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere.

What do I need to know about LTL shipping?

Before you invest in LTL shipping, you’ll need to answer some basic questions to make sure you’re protecting your products.

1 – Am I using the right type of packaging?

While less-than-load shipping can help you protect your goods, you’ll still need to take some precautions to help them along the way. Package everything with an abundance of care to protect it during shipping, as damaged freight can hurt your reputation and your business?

2 – Can I track my cargo?

No one needs the stress, cost, and wasted time of searching for lost shipments, which is why you’ll want to invest in a shipping service that lets you track your cargo from beginning to end.

3 – Am I using the proper freight classification?

When you use LTL shipping, you’ll need to pay close to freight classification, checking to make sure you have the right freight class, which is determined by factors such as weight, density, value, and dimensions. This is crucial for determining the shipping rate your carrier will charge, although generally speaking, the lower the class number, the less you’ll pay for shipping.

Choosing the right freight company can help you access the tools you’ll need to properly calculate the freight classifications to make sure you’re realizing the most savings.

Less Than Load Shipping Glendale CA

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