Freight Transportation Services Offered by MoveFreight, Inc

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Truckload
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight (BOTH full container and LCL)
  • Rail Freight
  • Personal Goods / Residential moves
  • Local Deliveries
  • Guaranteed or Expedited Services
  • Trade shows
  • Padded Vans
  • Straps
  • Air ride
  • Call Before
  • Blanket Wrap
  • Stake-beds
  • Team Drivers


  • Partial Truckloads on Enclosed Dry Vans, Box Trucks, Enclosed Refrigerated Trailers, Enclosed Logistics Trailers and all types of Flatbeds
  • We have contracts in place with several large common carriers in addition to hundreds of independent carriers all of whom offer us excellent discounts that we may pass on to you. Let us use our buying power to get you the best possible LTL services at competitive rates.
  • Specializing in larger LTL shipments of 2000 to 25000 lbs.


  • Dedicated Transport available with solo or teams drivers
  • 48′ and 53’ Enclosed Dry Vans
  • Enclosed Box Trucks (AKA Cube truck, Cube va n, Bob Truck, Box Van, or Straight Truck)
  • Enclosed Refrigerated Trailers
  • Enclosed Logistics Trailers
  • Standard Flatbeds
  • Single Drop Flatbeds
  • Double Drop Flatbeds
  • RGNs


  • Overnight Air provides delivery of your freight before the end of the next business day
  • Standard Air Service/Second Day Air provides delivery of your freight before the end of the second business day
  • Economy Air Service provides delivery of your freight between the third and fifth business day
  • International air service available


  • A seamless form of door to door transportation using both over the road and rail services
  • Drop and Load/Unload service available
  • Domestic and International (Canada & Mexico) service
  • 20’ to 53’ rail containers available


  • Offering complete ocean transportation services from door to door or door to port
  • Partial and full container load services to Hawaii and Internationally
  • 20’ and 40’ ocean containers


If your goods are boxed and secured to a pallet or crated, we can arrange to transport these goods as freight. If the items are loose we can refer to a company we have been working with for quite some time. They can arrange to have a small container dropped at your home, you load it, call them when it is ready to go then they pick it up and transport it to the destination location where the receiver would be responsible for unloading. If you are interested in a free quote for this service please click on You can also call them directly at 877-450-3611 for a quote. Be sure to mention affiliate # 4006 for a discounted rate.

Common Types of Freight Transportation

OVER THE ROAD – Freight is transported via trucks over roads/highways to their ultimate destination. This is the most common method of freight transportation.

RAIL FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION – Freight is transported on trains and is generally more economical then over the road transportation. However, the transit time for rail moves are usually longer. Also, rail freight transportation for partial loads is not always feasible because most rail carriers require you to purchase the entire container. Rail freight transportation is not recommended for fragile goods because the ride is generally less smooth and cushioned compared to over the road tractor trailer moves.

OCEAN FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION – Freight is transported via Ocean. Containers are filled with goods to be moved to a new location. The containers are stacked on a ship and secured in place in order to avoid shifting during transportation. Ocean freight transportation is often a viable and cost effective solution when delivering goods to International locations. BOTH partial and full loads can be transported via ocean. We would not recommend ocean freight transportation for any shipments that are time sensitive as the transit times are not very good using this method.

AIR FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION – Freight is transported on a plane. This solution is often a good choice when goods must be delivered without delay. While air freight is often faster, it is generally the most expensive of all freight transport options. However, the cost is often offset by preventing any temporary shutdowns in production or missing a sale due to an inability to provide the sold goods to a buyer within an acceptable time frame. Air freight transportation is used for both domestic and international locations.

Our staff here at MoveFreight would be happy to suggest the best method of freight transportation based on the goods you are transporting, transit time requirements and your budget. Please give us a call so we can discuss your needs in detail. Our objective is to offer our customers the widest variety of services possible at the lowest costs. MoveFreight has all the resources available to handle your freight transportation requirements and distribution needs.

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